LVT vinyl flooring is a product that has recently appeared in the flooring sector and which has immediately gained the attention of architects and designers but, perhaps due to lack of the right information, has not immediately enjoyed due success with consumers.

Consumers want answers to the many questions that arise when choosing a floor.

Questions like: what are LVT floors? How they are made? What is the difference between LVT and PVC? What are the advantages of an LVT floor over a ceramic tile? What are the advantages of an LVT floor compared to real wood? Is the LVT floor a safe floor? Is it suitable for use in both private and public buildings?

warm and comfortable to the touch, remarkable aesthetics thanks to the high level of definition and finishing of the decoration, suitable for luxury , trendy contexts and residential environments, wear resistant, water resistant, 100% recyclable, sound absorbing, hygienic and antibacterial, non-slip, fire resistant, free from formaldehyde emissions, resistant to chemicals, antistatic luxury vinyl tile in springdale ar.

Also from the point of view of safety, an LVT floor is certainly safer , and therefore more suitable for environments “lived in” by families, even with children and pets, and for environments frequented by people (“public” places in general) , compared to many of the alternatives on the market. Let’s see why in four points:

A few lines above we saw that the LVT floor is water resistant. So are the ceramic tiles, very true. But what about the high slipperiness of these tiles? Recent studies have shown that the so-called “falls on the flat”, understood as falls due to slipperiness and not, for example, to trips, are among the most common causes of accidents both in the domestic and commercial / industrial sectors.

Do you want a list of some of the tools needed to lay ceramic tiles? Measuring tape, staff, square, level, trowel, caisson, notched trowel, manual or electric tile cutter, angle grinder (with diamond disc), tile pincer, tip for engraving tiles (in tungsten carbide). These were, in fact, “some” of the necessary tools.

The installation of Surteco LVT floors can be carried out by anyone in an extraordinarily simple and fast way, without the intervention of a professional, not for nothing the LVT floors with floating laying (i.e. in simple support) are considered the category of do-it-yourself flooring. you par excellence. Thanks to the click systemthat distinguishes them, these planks are laid easily and without the use of glues, adhesives or special tools that usually cause unpleasant odors, debris and dust.